Welcome to Loserville Engineering Limited this a creative site that hopefully will interest everyone who visits. We advertise books here, do reviews, gaming and invite people to care about this company, because this is a company that listens and will endeavor on creative projects. There are sub-partner opportunities, this is also family friendly site with open opinion prefaces that will stand with morality on a non-judging platform and promote good with a edge, due to living in the world and defending good justly.

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We all lose sometimes, keep trying!                              Children's eBooks Sold Here!

The first thing you should know is that getting a review can be a big step and can also have small but potentially harmful consequences. First off we do post our reviews to any site that a person wants us to post to. For they're material, if it is legal to do so. On one and two star ratings we will not post to any other site, but this one and any site affiliated with the reviewer and future or present affiliations with this company. This is protection for people and good overall customer service. We do not review adult only material, mature, yes but not adult only. There is a small fee of $13.00 unless you get 1 star or 5 (4.5) stars then it is free. For books we are willing to download free programs to read them on our devices or ship whatever to us. For more information e-mail = scout.archalabao@gmail.com.

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Loserville Engineering Limited
Legend of the Stone

By: L. R. Ballard

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