The Orders of the Order.


The Holy Order of thieves comes from agnosticism and is a thieves way to escape hell, by admitting your a thief, but don't desire to kill or personally be against God. You can be an agnostic by believing in forgiveness, righting your wrongs, and by working. The Holy Order of thieves will be groups of men and women that, believe mercy is too important, people on the fence, and the not admitters. The leader of this Holy Order is L. R. Ballard he serves Jesus Christ directly and therefore might not be the foremost leader even though everyone should know L.R. to be. The thieves comes from the truth of there being such a thing of a good thief and the actual intent of being nothing more, but not totally against God. Admitting your a thief from God is the strength to make it, see how true it is.

The Holy Order of thieves.

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The First Order - Love people as you love yourself.                                                         The Second Order - Love.

The Third Order - Do not kill or control.                                                                            The Fourth Order - Do not hurt others in any form.

The Fifth Order - You can only steal from the rich with too much money.                        The Sixth Order - Don't randomly insult or worse.

The Seventh Order - Learn the rules of Life, so your choice is actually chosen.             The Eighth Order - Make Sacred understood.

The Ninth Order - Be honest it is what should be done.                                                   The Tenth Order - Marriage is religious, being promised is for all.


                                                                     The Riddle. - What should be popular you or popularity.